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This is a short tour dedicated to those eager to learn the secrets of a dainty district tucked away between the Red City Hall and the River Spree. This is Nicholas Quarter: Berlin’s medieval core, a web of narrow pedestrian streets which enclose the city’s historical old town as well as the contradictions of its spirit.
Heavily bombed during WWII, this area was majorly redesigned by the communist administration in the 1980s to celebrate Berlin’s 750th birthday. Only three of its seemingly ancient buildings were actually restored – and that includes Berlin’s oldest church – while everything else was built anew to infuse the Cold War era with the charm of the past. One street, for example, has been opened to allow for a perfect view of the TV tower, the ultimate symbol of progress for East Germany.
Berlincolor will tell you the countless stories hiding behind these remarkably beautiful streets: will learn about the rise of the literary circles in town, the medieval theme of the “Dance Macabre”, and Martin Luther King’s visit.
Among its points of interest this quarter offers delicious cafés, historic restaurants, picturesque stores, the Hemp Museum, and the Zille Museum, dedicated to the renowned painter and illustrator of Berlin’s Belle Epoque.
Where Berlin was born: a medieval quarter in the shadow of the TV tower
Duration: 2 hours 

Cover in two hours the 28 years that split Berlin, Europe and the world

Enjoy the distinctive charm and eventful history of Berlin’s most versatile neighborhood

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