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About one hour North of Berlin, near the town of Oranienburg, lies the former concentration camp of Sachsenhausen. Here the mechanics of extermination implemented during the Holocaust become visible.


At the site you can visit the barracks and observe the camp structure as well as take advantage of the numerous exhibitions that the internal museum hosts. The clear traces available for scrutiny and the emotional impact they produce will make this experience an unforgettable moment and an opportunity to reflect on the meaning of social and political responsibility.


Rather than focusing on immobilizing horror, the visit to Sachsenhausen will strengthen the visitors’ impulse to actively preserve a tolerant and just society.

Bearing Witness:  the Nazi extermination machine
Duration: 5 hours (including round trip)

The long history Jewish life in Germany through the lens of Berlin’s Schneuenviertel

A walk though an ever-changing open-air gallery

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