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Berlincolor is a company that provides services in culture and tourism. In 2014 Tommaso and Karin, two professional city guides, started this project aspiring to bring together their mutual passion for working with people and their love for Berlin.


By founding Berlincolor they infused the touristic landscape of the city with their enthusiasm for history and culture. Always eager to learn more and to share that knowledge with anyone willing to listen, Tommaso and Karin bring events of the past and questions of the present to life, thanks to their focus on the people and the stories that constitute the pulsing heart of the city.


Their solid academic background and long-term experience in different environments allow them a multidisciplinary approach spanning the fields of art, history, philosophy, economics and science.


However their guided tours will not leave out  the flea markets, the pretty corners, the street artists, the best backdrops for your pictures, the sunsets on the riverbank and the warmth of an open smile. Months after you’ve returned home, all these memories will keep Berlin alive in your heart.

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Co-founder of Berlincolor

Certified city-guide of Berlin. A lover of history, art, economics, architecture and politics. She has lived in Germany for twelve years, the last seven of which in Berlin. 

Certified city-guide of Berlin. 


Lavinia holds a degree in Cultural Mediation for Business and Tourism and has long-term experience in this field and cultivates an incessant interest for research, communication and philosophy. She has also developed a parallel career in the theatre, which is what took her to Berlin in 2013.

Guide in museums and art galleries.


A researcher and a prolific visual artist, Margherita gives guided tours in Berlin’s museums and art galleries paying particular attention to the techniques used by every artist, the language they develop, and the innovations they have brought to their field.

Guide at the museum of contemporary art “Hamburger Bahnhof”.

An artist and a designer, Fara will walk you through this paradise of conceptual art and interdisciplinarity. Following an itinerary where different artistic idioms interact and mingle she will make you acquainted with the great masters of the last century.

Public relations

A professional with a long-term experience in corporate communication, Laura takes care of Berlincolor’s website, manages and creates content for our Facebook page, and curates our press presence. She has been a Berliner since 2008.

Co-founder of Berlincolor


Published author in the field of philosophy and official guide at the Jewish Museum, the House of the Wannsee Conference, and the Topography of Terror. He has lived in Berlin for nearly a decade.

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