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Co-founder of Berlincolor

Half Italian, one quarter German, and one quarter Dutch, I was born and raised in Perugia, Italy.


As a little child, I was already showing the signs of an eager spirit. I loved a million things: maths, jiujitsu, literature, music, religion, physics. When later I had to choose a career, I looked for something that could take me out into the world and my MA in business engineering definitely launched me on a highly competitive and exciting dimension. I got to present important projects in front of the board of huge corporations, I attended international conferences of managerial psychology, I helped implement a software for financial banks which is now used in more than 50 countries.


But when I started to feel that I had somehow made it, I also felt that wasn’t much in that world that still interested me. I realized I was young, full of life, and full of passions that I needed to be given their due: history, philosophy, psychology, literature, art.


So I moved to Berlin, a city I had always loved, and took time for myself: time to study and learn – again. I worked incessantly at this new project till I retrained myself as an official city guide. In this job all my passions, my experiences and my know-how come together and feedback is incredible: teachers, students and tourists are equally enthusiastic.


One of the most unexpected and beautiful aspects of this job is that my story gives hope to the young people I get in touch with, and whose future is often shadowed by uncertain professional prospects.

Meeting Tommaso Speccher, a born communicator and a scholar with a unique experience in this field, has inspired me to go a step further and we founded Berlincolor.


Together we offer a highly professional service that allows groups, schools and private visitors to discover all the colors of Berlin, and all its souls. Check out our offers for schools, private visitors, and corporate clients!



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On the traces of the Berlin Wall

Travel in time between WWI and the fall of the Berlin Wall.

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