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In this tour we will follow the ever-present ghost of the Berlin Wall where it can be best felt and understood: in Bernauerstrasse.
Of the 170 kilometers constituting the original artifact, less than 2km are still standing and here only can the so-called “death strip” be seen in its original condition, completely unadorned and unchanged since 1989.
This is the most dramatic of the open-air exhibits that can be found in the highly memorialized Bernauerstrasse, a street infamously known for having been split in two lengthwise by the Berlin Wall.
The pictures of the 1960s showing its inhabitants jumping off the second floor windows while every opening of their building is being walled up are impossible to forget. Photos like this one, together with other compelling video, sound and written testimonies can be seen at the documentation center that is now part of large open-air memorial ground where land art installations, information columns, and the fascinating Chapel of Reconciliation now inhabit the border that many tried to cross - losing their life in the attempt.
Thanks to this unique place, in two hours we will cover the 28 years that split Berlin, Europe and the world.
Cover in two hours the 28 years that split Berlin, Europe and the world
Duration: 2 hours

Discover the “ribbon of the federation” in a tour for connoisseurs and urban-design lovers

Where Berlin was born: a medieval quarter in the shadow of the TV tower

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