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After radical revitalization, City West, a.k.a. the Zoo District, has recently had a powerful comeback and is currently enjoying a raging, newly found popularity. Gone are the days in which bored tourists wandered along a dismal Kudamm, only wishing they were hanging somewhere cool in Kreuzberg or Mitte.
The area today offers a winning combination of young and established fashion labels, enticing gastronomic venues, breath-taking historical landmarks and intriguing art galleries.
The heart of West Berlin has had many lives before: our tour will take you though its riveting history starting with the beginning of the twentieth century, when intellectuals, artists and politicians mingled in its cafés, and the Kaufhaus des Westens (KDW) emerged with the finest commercial products available at the time. The Second World War is well marked by the broken tower of the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church (Gedächtniskirche), a solemn reminder of that time of destruction, with break dancers and street vendors swarming now at its feet.
After the war this luminous boulevard represented in the dreams of the East-Berliners the joint mirage of freedom and consumerism even though many will remember, instead, the darker version of the area portrayed in the cult movie “We children from Bahnhof Zoo”, with its heroin-ravaged clubs and teenage prostitutes. Well, come visit City West yourself and experience first hand the area’s newest life! 
Discover the many lives of the West in Berlin’s newest hotspot
Duration: 2 hours 

Punks, rebels, and multicultural coolness

Discover the “ribbon of the federation” in a tour for connoisseurs and urban-design lovers

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