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Propaganda footage of the 1930s shows Nazi Germany as a rich and prosperous country characterized by a lively social and political life.


Now we can see through those lies and understand not only the destructive power of that dictatorship but also its tragic legacy.


This tour will take you though the landmarks of this dark period, from National Socialism’s early days to Hitler’s rise to power and his fall.


We will start with the German Parliament and continue with the geography of Nazi power in town, including a stop by the deliberately unremarkable plate on the site where Hitler’s bunker was. We will finish with a guided tour of the Topography of Terror, an illuminating documentation center built on the grounds of the destroyed Gestapo headquarters.



(the stops can be selected and arranged according to specific needs):


  • Government District

  • German Parliament (Reichstag)

  • Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe

  • Memorial to the Sinti and Roma Victims of National Socialism

  • Brandenburg Gate

  • The site of Hitler’s bunker

  • The Nazi Propaganda Headquarters

  • The Topography of Terror 

Berlin in its darkest hour: rise and fall of the Nazi dictatorship
Duration: 3 hours

On the traces of the Berlin Wall

The long history Jewish life in Germany through the lens of Berlin’s Schneuenviertel

Meeting Point / Starting Point:
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